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Stormwater treatment facilities

Accumulating tanks are used in stormwater treatment systems for receiving and distributing the flow in the case of peak load (e.g., significant rainfall, rapid melting of snow and ice, etc.), ensuring accurate operation of the systems reducing their size.

Accumulating tanks can be equipped with a well pump or a mini-pumping station to direct the flow to a remote treatment system.


Accumulating tanks up to 150 m³ and systems up to 2000 m³.


Possibility of amendments and additions at the stages of design and manufacture.


Our accumulating tanks are manufactured from laminated fiber-glass reinforced plastic using special winding and spray machines (GFRP and GFP materials). The whole process is under the control of the qualified professionals.

Completing the set

Upon our customer’s request, accumulating tanks will be completed with pumps, control systems, pipelines, gates, and other improvements.


Assembling of storage tanks is performed round the year in accordance with the guidelines for underground installation of horizontal tanks.

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