Wealth of experience and thousands of manufactured products enable us to give advice on the production itself and its components as well as on technology and implementation as part of your project.

We provide advice at all stages of the project cycle - from development and design to operation and maintenance.

Installation supervision

Most of the problems and damage to the products arise from incorrect installation and configuration.

We strongly recommend that you follow our instructions and use the services of certified construction companies.

On request, we will exercise control over installation and hardware setup.

Calculation, Selection, and Design

Correct calculation and selection of the equipment is the key to the accurate performance of the system.

We will perform the required calculations and choose the equipment for your project. If possible, also offer alternative solutions.


For proper and long-standing operation, products require periodic maintenance.

We will set the maintenance schedule, run product diagnostics, and make the necessary water analysis.


We understand the importance of accurate product delivery.

We will arrange delivery, shipping, and handling as well as issue supporting documents.

Most foreign customers use our transportation services.

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