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Treating domestic sewage

Treating domestic sewage is an important part of everyday life, that is why we pay special attention to it.

Domestic wastewater is divided into two types - "gray" water (without faeces and the vital processes) and "black" water (with faeces and other impurities). We produce products for both types of wastewater.



A variety of solutions for all types of utility fluids with the capacity of up to 50 and more residents.


Possibility of amendments and additions at the stages of design and manufacture.


Easy and quick installation all year round at any temperature. Documents and guidelines for independent installation, starting-up, and maintenance.

Economical efficiency

Considerable cost efficiency compared to tanks made of metal and concrete. Long-lasting operation.


Our products are manufactured from laminated fiber-glass reinforced plastic using special winding and spray machines (GFRP and GFP materials). The whole process is under the control of the qualified professionals.


We provide full service — calculation, design, manufacture, packaging, delivery, installation supervision, starting-up and adjustment, as well as maintenance. Turnkey solutions.

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